Capgemini America INC, Atlanta, GA, USA.

Developer Lead Consultant – Client T-Mobiles.             Dec 2018 – Present

Developing Aggregation/ Orchestrating layer APIs for MDM system using spring boot applications.

  • Responsible for developing and delivering spring Microservices that work as Orchestration services.
  • Develop Products and Services API (PSAPI) running on Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Amazon Web Service cloud platforms (such as Mesos-Marathon-Docker), supporting Caching, Etags, scheduling etc.
  • Responsible for developing Proof of Concepts on innovative technologies for integrating into existing architecture, Enhance existing applications for efficient request handling and improved performance.
    • Achievements:
      • Optimized the APIs to respond in 10~20 milliseconds from 100 milliseconds (average).
      • Optimize Products and Services API’s ElasticSearch clusters and In-Memory caches.

Developer Consultant – Client T-Mobiles.Nov 2017- Dec 2018

Developed Service layer APIs for MDM system using spring boot, Java and REST.

  • Developed and deployed multiple microservice adapters, services, scheduler applications in PCF and AWS.
  • Persisted and retrieved the data in Elastic search. Developed scripts to migrate data in Elastic search.
  • Used Concurrent Hash maps as an internal object storage cache for quick response time in the API. Used
  • Leveraged service to service communication with Message Queues, and caches.
  • Implemented custom JWT, POP token validation with Spring Security, OAuth libraries etc.
  • Improved performance of API by reducing the response time from 200ms to 25ms.
  • Create Splunk dashboards for centralized log monitoring and alerts. Created Proxy endpoints for APIs and custom policies using apigee. Used SonarQube to maintain and track the coding standards. Swagger to design APIs.

Reliable Software Resources, Northville, MI, USA.

Programmer / Analyst     Jul 2017- Nov 2017

 Developed API for RDOPS (DevOps Platform).                                                         

  • Automated the CI/CD pipeline involving BitBucket, Jenkins, Artifactory, AWS etc.
  • Implemented spring cloud services such as service discovery, spring sleuth and circuit breaker etc.
  • Deployed Docker containers running RabbitMQ and Config Servers on AWS.
  • Implemented GraphQL feature on API using squiggly Libraries and Created Splunk dashboards, alerts on production logs, Configured PagerDuty notification on critical alerts.